Why Fiberglass?

Infinity from Marvin replacement windows are made with Ultrex Fiberglass. Fiberglass has many advantages as a building material including – strength, durability, low maintenance properties, is an environmentally responsible choice and creates classically beautiful profiles.

  1. Strength – Ultrex Fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl! The superior strength of fiberglass allows Infinity’s frame profile to be narrower than those made of vinyl – giving you more visible glass area – and maintaining you view.

    View Through Vinyl Replacement
    View Through Fiberglass Replacement
  2. Durability – Fiberglass is a structurally stable material that has a low thermal expansion and contraction rate, keeping your Infinity windows square, true and built to last for years to come. In fact, fiberglass is so long lasting it is trusted for use in bridge construction.
  3. Low Maintenance – Infinity from Marvin replacement windows come in a variety of interior and exterior color options, eliminating the need for sanding, scraping and painting. The Ultrex fiberglass finish is virtually impermeable and helps protect your windows from the effects of wind, weather and time.
  4. Environmental Responsibility – Going beyond just being energy efficient – in addition to meeting and exceeding ENERGY STAR ratings – Infinity from Marvin replacement windows are built green. The main ingredient in Ultrex fiberglass is silica sand, an abundant natural resource. Ultrex fiberglass requires 39% less energy to produce than vinyl and uses no water in the manufacturing process. In addition, the glass used for Infinity products is made with 15-33% recycled content. Unlike vinyl, Ultrex fiberglass is inert and will not off gas over its lifetime.
  5. Classic Beauty – The unique Ultrex fiberglass pultrusion process allows Infinity from Marvin windows and doors to have the classic profiles, and details, of traditional wood windows. A perfect replacement choice to maintain your home’s appeal and architectural integrity.