Five Point Proof

Choosing replacement windows for your home is a complex decision. We want you to make the right one.

When researching replacement windows there are many questions that need to be answered: Are the new windows going to match your homes existing style? How do you know what products provide the best value? Who can you trust to perform quality replacement work on your home?

Here at Infinity by Windows & Doors By Brownell we are happy to answer all of your replacement window questions; we’ll even take it a step further and show you the proof behind those answers. We’ll prove to you why Infinity from Marvin replacement windows are one of the best values on the market today.

Answers are good. Proof is better!

{accordion} 1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY::

Improving energy efficiency and reducing utility costs is one of the most common reasons homeowners replace their old, inefficient windows. Choosing Infinity for your window replacement project is an investment in the long-term energy efficiency and year-round comfort of your home.

How can I be sure Infinity Windows are energy efficient? Compare these industry standards to other window manufacturers:

Energy Star

Ask About Energy Star

Infinity from Marvin exceeds the performance requirements for energy reduction set down by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in their Energy Star ratings. And, Infinity qualifies for the Energy Star rating in all U.S. climate regions.


National Fenestration Rating Council

The not-for-profit National Fenestration Rating Council sets standards for the window and door industry. Infinity earned one of the highest possible ratings for energy performance. The ratings measure light transmission and heat loss or gain under varying conditions.


Infinity windows are made from Ultrex Fiberglass, inside and out. This fiberglass material is so durable, so long lasting, so strong, you’ll never have to worry about replacement windows again. Best of all, it makes Infinity windows essentially maintenance free.

Made of pultruded fiberglass – thin, strong cables of glass, saturated with specially compounded resins -Ultrex is a remarkably durable material that outlasts and outperforms other window materials. What makes Ultrex clearly superior?

  • It is 8x stronger than vinyl, 3.5x stronger than wood composites and 3x stronger than wood.
  • Less thermal conductibility than aluminum (500x less), which means Ultrex doesn’t conduct heat or cold from the outside into your home.
  • Low thermal expansion rate (essentially the same rate as glass) means less material movement for better seals and longer endurance.
  • Won’t discolor, warp, rot, corrode, dent, rust and never needs sanding, scraping or painting.
  • Strength allows for narrow window frame profile for more visible glass area.
The Strength of Fiberglass


With Infinity from Marvin you not only maintain the traditional profiles and appearance of wood windows; you’ll increase your home’s energy efficiency, get a variety of convenient features and never have to paint or stain your windows again!

  • Traditional Profiles and Appearance – Infinity windows are designed by the wood window experts at Marvin Windows and Doors to have all the traditional beauty of wood windows, without the maintenance. Marvin has over 70 years of experience making beautiful, innovative window and door products.
  • Large Glass Area – Because of the superior strength of Ultrex fiberglass, Infinity window profiles are narrower than most other replacement windows. This allows a larger glass area that provides more daylight indoors and gives you a better view outdoors.
  • Easy Cleaning Features – Infinity Double Hung, Casement and Glider windows all have features that allow you to easily clean the exterior glass from inside your home.
Easy to clean windows

Variety of Color Options – Because of the superior strength of Ultrex fiberglass, Infinity windows are available in a variety of exterior color options and interior finishes. A series of additional options are available to create the custom look you want


Windows & Doors By Brownell’s is committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our expert staff will help you choose the right windows, doors and options to meet your needs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A thorough showroom or in-home presentation
  • Professional measuring of your existing windows
  • A complete project quote
  • Convenient installation scheduling
  • Professional installation from window experts
  • Removal of your old windows and clean-up of the area
  • The protection of our Limited Lifetime Warranty

Infinity from Marvin offers two window replacement methods. The type of replacement used depends on the condition of your existing window frames and the style of product you choose for your replacement project.

Insert Replacement

This replacement method is used when your existing window frames are in good condition but the sash need replacement. Infinity insert windows install into your existing window frame with no disruption to interior trim or exterior siding.

Full-Frame Replacement

This installation method is appropriate when your entire window has deteriorated and needs replacement or if you are looking for a completely new window size, style or appearance. With full frame replacement, the entire window (sash, frame and casing) is removed and replaced.

|||| 5. TOTAL VALUE::



Minimum DP Rating DP 30 Low U-Value .30 Low E II/Argon Glass Standard Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements Yes


Stronger than vinyl 8x Stronger than wood/vinyl composites 3.5x Stronger than wood 3x Low expansion rate Yes Low maintenance Yes Environmentally friendly Yes


Narrow frame profile Yes Easy to operate Yes Washable from inside Yes Traditional details Yes Stainable Yes Paintable Yes


Local retailers with decades of experience Yes Backed by an industry leader Marvin Hassle-free process Yes


Superior performance Yes Superior materials Yes Superior appearance and design Yes Superior reliability and expertise Yes Competitive price Yes